Walmart pulls "Naughty Leopard" costume

EUGENE, Ore. - Walmart is pulling costumes from shelves that some parents complained about because of the name.

The costume, called the "Naughty Leopard," and is designed for toddlers, according to the label.

KATU first reported on the costume when we found one on Tuesday at a Portland-area Walmart store.

Some parents we spoke with took exception to the name, saying it wasn't appropriate for children.

On Wednesday, a reporter at our sister-station in Eugene also found one at a store there. When she went to check out, however, the costume rang up as "item not for sale."

Walmart spokeswoman Danit Marquardt later confirmed that stores are pulling the costume from the shelves.

"It was never our intention to offend anyone and we apologize to any customers who may have been offended by the name of the costume," Marquardt said, echoing similar comments the previous day.

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