Getting paid to bike: 'They ride green, they should earn green'

Courter started Bike Commuter Ads, a system he says will pay bike riders $100 a month to do what they are already doing. You bring your bike to his shop and a few hours later special signs are mounted over your front tires.

He charges anyone who wants to advertise $150 a month to put their logos on his signs, and the riders get to keep $100 of that.

"They ride green, they should earn green," said Courter.

You must be at least 18, have a full-time job or be a full-time student, and be willing to ride year-round.

Courter admits things have gotten off to a slow start so far, he only has nine riders and no advertisers yet. But he says the big advantage to advertisers is they can target specific sections of town by reviewing the routes his riders normally take.

"You just go in and do a local search, say Southeast Portland, and then those bikers that ride through that area come up. Then punch in their bike number and go into a bio page," Courter said.

Then there's the safety aspect. Courter says the signs are reflective at night, helping riders stand out when biking in the dark.

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