Girl Scouts stick up for disabled

Girl Scouts stuck up for the disabled at a Portland Public Schools board meeting Tuesday night. (KATU Photo)

A group of local Girl Scouts is sticking up for one of their fellow troop members.

A pair of Scouts from troop number 45157 addressed the Portland school board on Tuesday night about their friend, Julia. She's disabled.

And in a letter the girls read, they outlined the struggles Julia endures on a daily basis.

She gets by with help from the Scouts, but they wonder, what about the other Julias?

"There are several special needs students in a school of 500 kids,” one student told the board. “There are many more in other PPS schools. If this is happening to Julia, it must be happening to other kids too."

The district says there's currently a shortage of para-educators, not just at PPS, but statewide.

The district is working to hire more as soon as possible.

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