'Give Back to the Giver' week honors hospice and palliative caregivers

Bloom project - Photo from Genevieve Reaume.

It's the third annual 'Give Back to the Giver' week.

In partnership with The Bloom Project and as a part of national hospice and palliative care month, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler declared the week of November 12th 'Give Back to the Giver' week.

Usually, the hundreds of volunteers with The Bloom Project create bouquets of flowers to give to those nearing the end of their life.

The flowers are delivered to the patients by the caretakers, those working in palliative care and hospice centers. "A bouquet can literally and figuratively open a door for them," Heidi Berkman, the founder of The Bloom Project, said.

The colorful flowers help show the patients and their families, "They're important and they're still relevant and we care about them," Berkman said.

"[It] continues to amaze me how much it can transform a room, transform a patient and family and their mood, in their, you know, the most difficult times for them," Craig Tanner, a physician and medical director of Legacy Hospice and Hopewell House, said.

This week, as a part of 'Give Back to the Giver' week, the flowers are going to those who care for the patients, instead.

"This was a way that we could highlight professional caregivers for the incredible work that they do," Berkman said.

The hundreds of volunteers are hoping to make between 300-400 bouquets for the caregivers. They'll be delivered Monday through Thursday.

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