Golden retriever, trainee for helping veterans with PTSD, returned after going missing

Photo of Doc courtesy Northwest Battle Buddies

UPDATE: We've been contacted by Northwest Battle Buddies since this story was published. They say the dog has been returned to the owners and will eventually go to help a veteran in need.


DEER ISLAND, Ore. – An Oregon family is looking for a golden retriever puppy being raised for Northwest Battle Buddies, an organization that offers specialized service dogs for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

According to the organization, 9-month-old Doc was being raised by a family at a barn near Deer Island.

They said Doc was a donation from the mother of a soldier who committed suicide who hoped to help other veterans in need.

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The caretaker said Doc went missing from the farm about 2 p.m. on December 4. They said they heard a vehicle around that time, but it is not confirmed whether he was taken from the farm.

If you see Doc, Northwest Battle Buddies asks that you call Columbia County Animal Control at 503-397-1521.

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