Portions of metro see light dusting of snow, another round possible Sunday

Light snow dusting at Pittock Mansion in Portland on Saturday, Dec. 23. Courtesy: Clifford Paguio


Portions of the Portland metro region woke up to a light dusting of snow Saturday morning, and another round of snow - or a wintry mix -- is likely on Sunday.

Meteorologist Mary Loos says an east wind is moving through the region Saturday, but the moisture has dried up and showers have ended for the day.

That same east wind is now pumping cold air from East of the Cascades into the Metro area. With colder air in place, moisture from the next approaching system has the change to fall as snow, a mix or freezing rain early Sunday morning. Temperature, location and elevation will play a big part in what type of precipitation falls at your house.

We warm up enough that the system will change over to rain for the rest of the day. Exceptions will remain areas in the Gorge, Foothills and Cascades where temperatures are expected to remain below freezing.

Snow will likely be confined in the late afternoon to the higher elevations of Skamania, Cowlitz and Clark counties, the eastern part of Clackamas County -- and perhaps a bit east of I-205. There's also a concern East County areas could see some ice accumulation if cold air not scoured out in the afternoon.

Most computer forecast models have a few showers on Christmas morning, but mainly rain.

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