Government Camp gets first snow of the season

Snow at Timberline Lodge on Oct. 12, 2017 (SBG photo)

Early Thursday morning in Government Camp, it was the kind of scene that makes you think you skipped a season.

Street lamps and headlights illuminated the snowflakes. Just a thin layer of snow dusted the street, but what started as nothing certainly turned into something: the first snowfall this season for Government Camp.

It was a welcomed view from inside the Huckleberry Inn.

"It's excellent,” Ofelia Saray said from behind the counter. “It's good quality."

Saray's worked at the Huckleberry Inn since 1983. When it comes to early-season snow, she knows the drill.

"The young people will come and enjoy the fresh snow,” Saray said.

Rebecca Berenz and Guillermo Mansilla moved to Tacoma, Washington from sunny Florida this summer. On Thursday the duo decided to celebrate Guillermo’s 33rd birthday in true Pacific Northwest style.

"So, I decided let me go find a volcano and then if I see snow the better," Mansilla said.

His birthday wish granted by 7:30 Thursday morning.

“When we realized it was snow, we both started beaming,” Mansilla said. “We're ecstatic.”

These two soaked up the snow, literally, during a snowball fight and left the town quiet again.

Saray said the real crowds won't come until late November, so for now, she enjoys the long, slow mornings.

“We keep praying for snow, that's it!” Saray said.

If you want to hit the slopes this weekend you might be in luck. Timberline plans to open this weekend, weather permitting, Palmer only.

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