Governor highlights need for cybersecurity, designates Nov. 20 as 'Oregon Day of Cyber'

Governor Kate Brown proclaims November 20 as "Oregon Day of Cyber" - Photo courtesy McKenzie Worldwide

WILSONVILLE, Ore. – In an effort to protect Oregonians from online crimes and promote cybersecurity, Governor Kate Brown has launched a new initiative called Cyber Oregon.

The governor also called for Nov. 20 to be the “Oregon Day of Cyber.”

Both the day proclamation and Oregon Cyber initiative were rolled out Monday during an event at the Oregon Tech Portland-Metro campus in Wilsonville.

Joined by Oregon Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, Governor Brown spoke about the importance of cybersecurity as all our lives become more dependent on tech.

By designating a day to cybersecurity awareness, she hopes that people will be more prepared to face the “growing and increasingly sophisticated cyber threat landscape.”

Skip Newberry, president and CEO of the Technology Association of Oregon, highlighted how the initiative is also important for the state’s industries.

“In Oregon, 165 companies have reported data breaches since the Oregon Consumer Identity Theft Protect Act went into effect on Jan 1, 2016. Considering that industry experts estimate the average cost to business of a data breach at $17 million per incident, the financial impact of cyber crime to Oregon organizations adds up quickly,” said Newberry.

The Cyber Oregon website is designed to give people a hub of information on how to protect themselves. It complies the latest threat alerts, news, and educational resources, along with a job board for people seeking employment in the cybersecurity field.

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