Gresham PD serves warrant, seizes vehicles; neighbors call it a 'problem home'

Vehciles being towed from Gresham home - KATU photo

Gresham Police towed dozens of cars, trucks, trailers - even a boat - out from behind a home on NE 202nd Avenue after serving an abatement warrant early Wednesday morning.

“You just really don't know what’s going on, the property is completely fenced and can’t be seen from the street,” neighbor Art Israelson said.

Neighbors like Art Israelson believe the homeowners have been running a chop shop for years.

“Probably a fair amount of them are stolen,” Israelson said.

Israelson’s lived in the neighborhood for more than a decade and says the last two years, his neighbor has made life miserable.

“They do this 24-hours-a-day, day and night, lots of noise. They burn garbage, the just are not very good neighbors,” Israelson said. “In the middle of the night, it’s very frustrating when they are banging away on things, knocking things apart and cutting things up with a torch."

Gresham Police officials said they warned the homeowners they needed to clean up. Since they didn't, police did it for them.

“When we woke up we saw a bunch of tow trucks and we are glad this happened,” Israelson said.

The parents of the homeowner tell KATU News that he was not running a chop shop, instead legally purchasing old cars and reselling them for parts as a way to make an “honest living.”

Police say they’ve been at this home before to serve a warrant for stolen goods. The homeowner's parents also tell KATU about the previous warrant saying their son unknowingly purchased stolen vehicles but fully cooperated with police, even showing them where he bought the vehicles.

Art says the homeowner immediately went back to his normal ways after the previous search warrant. He hopes this time is different.

“It’s frustrating when you can’t get anything done about it,” Israelson said.

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