Group to save Outdoor School says it has enough signatures for November ballot

(KATU File Photo)

It's a rite of passage for Oregon school kids, and on Thursday a group trying to save Outdoor School said it's finally collected enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

The measure will allow voters to decide whether to dedicate permanent, long-term funding so that all fifth and sixth graders will be able to attend Outdoor School.

The money would come from unallocated lottery funds.

"It would set aside just 4 percent of lottery proceeds that would be enough to send up to 50,000 students a year to a full week of hands-on science education out in the woods or in the desert or at the coast," said Rex Burkholder, chairman of Oregon Outdoor Education Coalition.

Right now 27 percent of unallocated lottery is used at the discretion of the Legislature. The measure seeks 4 percent of that money.

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