Growing number of PSU students seeking 'sugar daddies' to pay for education

Portland State University

A growing number of Portland State University students are using the help of a site called to help finance their education.

Students sign into the site using their college email addresses. Those students, or "sugar babies" as they're called, are then paired with a "sugar daddy" who gives them an average monthly allowance of $3,000.

The relationships that stem from the site are not necessarily sexual. The site reads: "Our members know what they want. Users approach one another without worrying about false pretenses."

"We say that people can build relationships on their own terms," Seeking Arrangement spokeswoman Brook Urick said.

Chelsea George, a former PCC student, says some of her friends have used the site to go on dates.

I had a friend who was like, 'yeah he showed up with flowers,' and I was like, that's awesome!" George said.

According to statistics released by the site, more than 100 PSU students are on the site.

"Portland State University falls at number 26 on our list of fastest growing Sugar Baby schools," Urick said.

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