Hayden Island residents concerned over air from oil refinery

Hayden Island residents gather Thursday to discuss their concerns about air from an oil refinery. (KATU Photo)

Dozens came together on Hayden Island on Thursday to discuss what is described as "smelly toxic air" coming from a nearby refinery.

"APES (American Petroleum Environmental Services) has been spewing for years and despite a very active neighborhood association DEQ hasn't helped them at all," concerned resident Jennifer Jones said.

APES is an oil refinery near Hayden Island. It has neighbors concerned.

"They don't keep proper records, they don't use monitors and the DEQ does not enforce," concerned resident Mary Lou Putman said.

The owner of APES, Mike Mazza, was unable to attend Thursday night's meeting but residents still had a message for him.

"Well Mr. Mazza, your dream is our nightmare," Putman said.

We reached out to Mazza who said in part:

"We have been working with engineering companies on the possible reduction of emissions from our burners. Our burners though, are in compliance ... because we are an environmentally friendly company we want to reduce our emissions and carbon footprint."

Neighbors say what they want is a safe neighborhood.

"I have two little girls that I would like to grow up without health problems from a company that is more concerned with making profit than the city it works in," neighbor Lataya Cayley said.

DEQ was also in attendance. They say they are expecting more test results, this time from the EPA, to be in next week.

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