'He just hit us out of nowhere': Woman describes random attack by convicted rapist

Dennis Davis, 58, a registered sex offender and convicted rapist, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault and harassment on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, a woman described a terrifying attack in downtown Portland.

She said 58-year-old Dennis Davis, a convicted rapist, violently assaulted her and a friend during a bachelorette party.

"He just hit us out of nowhere," said the woman, who KATU is calling "Melanie." "It was just so totally random."

Melanie did not want to publicly reveal her real name.

Davis, a level 3 registered sex offender, has been arrested several times since his 2015 release from prison in the rape case.

He faced a judge again on Wednesday, pleading guilty to fourth-degree assault and harassment. In that case, Melanie said Davis ripped off his shirt and attacked her and a friend with no provocation.

"We didn't even know the guy," she told a KATU reporter.

At around 10 p.m. on Sept. 29 Melanie said she and some friends encountered Davis near Southwest 5th Avenue and Taylor Street.

"On the way to the car, we hear this guy yelling. He's at the corner of the street and he's just yelling profanities. ... We didn't think anything of it. We just kept walking to our car," Melanie said. "And then all of the sudden he starts running at us and he just starts yelling and then he catches up, he catches up to me first and then kind of hits me right across the chest a few times. And then I managed to get away. … I managed to get in the car. But then he had then attacked my other friend who was walking next to me, and then he hit her right across the chest, too, a few times."

Melanie said people in a car nearby got out and stopped him.

Police said Davis, who at the time was wanted for a probation violation, was arrested about five hours later in Old Town.

"We were just walking to the car. We were giggling, having fun. We weren't laughing at him or anything." Melanie explained. "He just snapped."

Davis was convicted of kidnapping and raping a woman in Troutdale in 1990 and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Over the past three years, Multnomah County authorities said they've issued at least five arrest warrants for Davis for probation violations.

In September, he got out of jail again after serving 75 days for cutting off his ankle monitoring bracelet back in July. Authorities said a warrant was issued after his bracelet ran out of batteries the day after his release.

"We didn't know someone was out on the streets like that," Melanie said. "Someone with a hard criminal background like that should be locked up indefinitely."

Davis was on parole when the crimes happened in September. There's no word yet on when he'll be sentenced.

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