Health officials: Higher-than-normal levels of fecal bacteria found in water at Nye Beach

File photo of Nye Beach

The Oregon Health Authority is warning beach-goers not to swim at Nye Beach in Newport due to higher-than-normal levels of fecal bacteria detected in the water.

While the advisory is in effect at Nye Beach, visitors should also avoid wading in nearby creeks, pools of water on the beach or in discolored water. Health officials also suggest steering clear of water runoff flowing into the ocean.

Even when no advisory is in effect, officials warn against swimming in the ocean 48 hours after a rainstorm.

Increased pathogen and fecal bacterial levels in ocean waters can come from both shore and inland sources such as storm water runoff, sewer overflows, failing septic systems and animal waste.

Fecal bacteria can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, skin rashes, upper respiratory infections and other illnesses.

People — especially children and the elderly — should avoid direct contact with the water until the advisory is lifted.

Neighboring beaches are not affected.

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