Heat advisory through Monday as high temps hit Pacific Northwest

Heat advisory issued through Monday - National Weather Service image

Things are heating up in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington as temperatures are expected to soar into the upper 90-degree range.

A heat advisory goes into effect Sunday through Monday evening as temperatures climb into the mid-to-upper 90s around the Willamette Valley, Columbia River Gorge and Upper Hood River Valley.

The Portland International Airport reached 100 degrees on Sunday, marking the first day of triple-digit temperatures at PDX this year. The Portland heat didn't break any records - the record for July 15 is 103 degrees set back in 1941.

NWS forecasters say PDX typically sees its first 100-degree day on July 21.

Forecasters are asking people to stay hydrated and limit their time outside during the hottest part of the day, especially those that are sensitive to the heat.

KATU meteorologist Mary Loos says the Willamette Valley will remain in the heat advisory from 10 a.m. Sunday through 8 p.m. Monday. | Latest Forecast

If you’re seeking relief from the heat, temperatures will be cooler along the coast.

The National Weather Service also issued a red flag warning over critical fire conditions across the southern and eastern part of the state. Dry heat and wind gusts mean any fires will quickly spread, officials said.

Tips to beating the heat from the National Weather Service:

  • Wear light and loose-fitting clothing when possible
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Don’t leave children or pets in an automobile
  • Limit outdoor activity, especially during midday, when it is the hottest
  • Wear a life jacket if you hit the water

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