Heavy metal rocker's vest stolen in Oregon City, ends up in Macy's display in New York

Meshach Babcock and the vest in its NYC display.

A local heavy metal rocker's one-of-a-kind denim vest was stolen three years ago in Oregon City, and this year, it mysteriously showed up in a Macy's department store display in New York City.

Meshach Babcock's childhood friend gave him the vest years ago -- he added dozens of unique patches and some handwriting to it, making it truly individual.

"It was given to me by a friend who got it from his friend and it was his grandpa's old biker vest," said Babcock, the bass player with the band Maniak.

Somebody stole the vest three years ago after the band played in a battle of the bands at Oregon City High School.

Eventually Babcock gave up looking for it, thinking he'd never see it again. Then a few days ago, he gets a late night call from a friend.

"I got a message from my friend Sergio, 'Meshach, I think I've found your vest!' I looked at the picture and there's no question, it's my vest, all the patches are completely the same," he said.

The vest had become part of a Ralph Lauren Polo display at Macy's department store in New York City.

A record company representative snapped the picture just because he like the vest.

"He posted it on his Instagram, Nasty Savage saw it, they're a band that is on the vest, they posted it on Facebook, my friend saw it on their Facebook page," Babcock explained.

When heavy metal heads found out one of their own was missing his vest, they all took to social media to help him get it back.

"Australia, Sweden,Germany, metal heads all over the world are sharing it. And talking about it and being really supportive," Babcock said.

Reporters from New Yorker magazine - even our own news partners at 105.9 The Brew - have covered the story, talking to officials at Macy's and Polo.

"If anybody can get it back, those are the people," Babock said.

First, Macy's and Polo have to figure out exactly who owns it, then they're likely to send it back to Babcock, who would just as much like to know where it's been the past three years.

"I really would like to figure out all this traveling that my vest has been doing without me, having all the fun. There's got be some people who can give me some information about where it came from," he said. "The other thing about the vest is that it had never been washed, and when I saw the picture I thought I really hoped they didn't wash it. The whole mojo factor of it. The vest is what it is, it becomes part of you."

Babcock posted on his own message on social media: "If I ever do get my "baby' back, I'm going to go skydiving naked."

OK, maybe not completely naked.

"I will go skydiving this summer, hopefully wear my vest while doing it," Babcock said.

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