'He's lucky to be alive': Man shot at while driving near Molalla

A bullet hole can be seen in the truck of Jordan Roy's brother. (KATU Photo)

With less than a week until his wedding, Jordan Roy says he's counting his blessings.

“I’m lucky that I have my best man,” Jordan Roy said.

His best man is his brother.

On the Fourth of July the family was gathering to celebrate. That’s when Roy got a call.

“Around 12 p.m., I got a call from my mom saying, ‘Hey, your brother got shot at; he almost got killed,'” Roy said.

At first Roy says he thought his mom was joking.

“I get there and look at it, and there is big ol’ hole in the back of his truck. The other one ricocheted off, lucky enough, it didn’t go in. It just bounced off,” Roy said.

Roy's brother's truck is lifted -- taller than an average truck -- which may have saved his life.

Roy says his brother was driving along South Union Mill Road near Molalla, between Highway 213 and 211, when he was shot at.

Nearly one year ago, just eight miles away, there was a similar story. Someone was shooting cars in the middle of the night near Canby Marquam Highway and South Barnard Road.

Roy says he can't help but wonder if it's the same person.

“If it’s the same guy, I hope he gets caught, I really do. I hope there’s justice. (My brother is) lucky he didn’t get killed,” Roy said.

Now preparing for his wedding, with his best man's suit already in hand, Roy can’t help but think: what if?

“It would have been devastating. He’s my only brother. I would have been going to a funeral instead of a wedding,” Roy said.

The family hopes others out there will be vigilant and whoever did this will turn themselves in.

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