'He's my miracle boy': Teen's family has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Bobby Asa has made a remarkable recovery after a car accident last June that nearly killed him. (KATU Photo)

Bobby Asa has made an incredible recovery from a car accident that nearly took his life in June.

The 17-year-old’s family is thankful to spend this Thanksgiving together, and they don’t take much for granted anymore.

“You appreciate the little things, like walking. What a privilege that is,” says Bobby’s sister, Lexi.

“Every day I think about it. It makes me happy that he’s here with me,” his father, Robert, says.

After Bobby was in that horrible crash in June, backing out of his family’s driveway, the teenager was in a coma, his neck was broken and his lungs were collapsed. The family was told if he woke up, he might not ever walk again.

“I don’t think anybody ever thought I would recover this much,” Bobby says today. “But then again, I don’t believe anybody knew the mentality I had - to get better, to get where I want to be at.”

Instead of spending his junior year at Barlow High School, Bobby goes to rehab five days a week. He says he’s done it with the support of his family. His family hopes he’ll start taking some computer classes at school and go back next semester.

“Thank you Jesus for the healing of Bobby’s spine,” Lexi says, reading words she read to her brother the first week he was in the hospital. “Thank you Jesus that he is walking and talking like before.”

Bobby’s family knew it might never come true, especially so soon.

“He’s my miracle boy, and I’m proud of him that he pushes so hard to keep on getting better,” Robert says.

Bobby still has a long road ahead of him, but he’s focused on getting there.

“My motivation is to get where I was at before the accident,” he says. “Walking - I was really into jet skiing. Basketball, I want to get back there.”

He’s thankful for where he’s at and the family that will never leave his side.

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