Historic Multnomah Village restaurant closes doors for good

Diners eat at O'Connor's in Multnomah Village for the last time Thursday night. The restaurant is closing after more than 80 years of serving customers in Portland. (KATU Photo)

After serving customers for more than 80 years in Portland, historic O'Connor's restaurant in Multnomah Village is closing for good.

"It’ll be sad to see it go, and I’m sure the first time I drive by and see something else I’ll be teary eyed, but everything has to come to an end," said Carolyn Hudson, a niece of O'Connor's owner.

O'Connor's ownership hasn't cited one specific reason for the closures, but it's the latest iconic Multnomah Village eatery to go through a recent change.

Historic Renner's Grill also had to temporarily close following a fire in March. Renner's ownership insists they will re-open.

Now, neighbors are sad to see this quiet neighborhood slowly start to undergo the growing pains so many other parts of Portland are experiencing.

"I love Multnomah Village and we’ve seen it change, but it still maintains something of a local feel to it -- it’s different from the big city," said Michael Attwood, an O'Connor's regular who's lived in the neighborhood since 1984.

O'Connor's has been in Multnomah Village for nearly 30 years after moving from a downtown location that opened way back in 1934.

"It brings back a lot of great memories for me. I grew up in this restaurant and my grandpa was the original owner, so it’s very sentimental for me right now," Hudson said.

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