Portland's Culinary Workshop hosts holiday cooking classes

Portland's Culinary Workshop - KATU photo

Does the thought of cooking for the holidays scare you? No fear! Portland's Culinary Workshop in North Portland is here to help. They offer a variety of holiday classes - like "Gettin' Saucy Save Your Gravy!," "Thanksgiving Holiday Sides," and "Holiday Candies." Instructor Melinda Casady says they run their classes like culinary school, "except that we don't yell at you," she joked. "We teach you kind of how and why things work the way they do in the kitchen, so that you learn the techniques, so you can apply it to other things."

Portland's Culinary Workshop offers classes for adults and kids - at any skill level.

"Anybody who comes in here that has already got lots of cooking experience, we can get as geeky as you want to, and help you expand your repertoire and learn new things," says Casady. "If you've never held a knife before ... that's what we do here."


807 N. Russell St., Portland, OR 97227


Adults: $65

Kids: $45

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