Hood to Coast participants make strong finish in Seaside

Runners in the Hood to Coast relay finish in Seaside (KATU Photo)

More than 12,000 runners made their way to seaside Saturday to wrap up the Hood to Coast Relay.

Aside from the beautiful scenery many runners say their favorite part is making it to the finish line and meeting up with their teammates.

“I only knew about two or three of the girls on my team ahead of time,” walker Kim Perry said.

This was Kim Perry's first time walking Hood to Coast but her group, Crush the Road Walkers, have been here many times before.

At four months pregnant Kim wasn’t sure she would be up for the challenge.

“I just kept thinking, I can’t let them down, I’m going to be the slowest one,” Kim said.

But she didn't…her team crossed the finish line matching their time from the year before.

Earlier in the morning, a high school group from Olympia was the first running team to reach the beach.

“It was fun, being the first runner. You come in and see everyone freaking out because they haven't seen a runner yet,” Dylan Bauer said.

The Olympia Slackers say they train for this all summer.

“I got out and then I got out in first and stayed in first my whole time,” Caleb Dickson-Cove said.

And for the last two years they have taken first for the runners.

“We won last year so we had expectations for this year,” Jack McCauley said.

Others say it was a difficult year, as teams dealt with injuries

“This was a tough year for us,” Patrick Reaves said.

In the end, commitment and perseverance pushed the teams through the 199-mile run from Mount Hood to Seaside.

“It's a really long way to come, we're happy to finish standing and happy,” Reaves said.

Hood to Coast partnered with Providence Cancer Center and raised more than $600,000 for cancer research.

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