Hop Fastpass rolls out in Portland metro, making transportation easier for riders


TriMet and C-tran is launching a new ‘fastpass’ payment option for riders in the Portland metro and Vancouver areas that is aimed at saving riders money in the long run.

Transportation officials unveiled their new Hop Pass system on Monday.

Hop Pass riders use a pre-paid card that they can tap against card readers on buses and light rail stops to pay for their ride. The card automatically deducts your ride fare from your overall balance.

With the card, TriMet says riders won't have to wonder what pass they should buy for their ride.

“It's really easy, I no longer have to figure out what ticket I'm gonna need. Do I need to buy a day pass and then only use it for half the day? It just stops charging me when I hit all those caps (card readers), and it's great,” said Stephen Weber, who tested out the card during a trial run.

The Hop Pass doesn't only cap your pay at the day rate. For example, if an adult buys $100 worth of tickets within a month, which is the cost of a monthly pass, that adult rides for free for the rest of month.

You can buy a Hop fastpass at any local Fred Meyer or Safeway store. TriMet has details on the system and how you can sign up on its website.

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