House votes to keep Washington on year-round daylight saving time

Washington state Capitol building in Olympia (KOMO File Photo)

OLYMPIA – Washington state is one step closer to implementing year-round daylight saving time.

The state House has voted in favor of the bill, with a vote of 89 to 7.

“It’s time to ditch the switch, bring the light, and defeat the dark night,” said Rep. Marcus Riccelli, D-Spokane, who sponsored HB 1196. “Washington is already on daylight saving time eight months out of the year. There’s strong interest in making it permanent.”

Changing the clocks twice a year impacts the body’s natural rhythms and is associated with a spike in heart attacks, strokes, and traffic collisions each year, according to the Washington State Department of Health’s impact review.

Extended daylight in the evening is also better for kids who play sports or who are active outside, Riccelli said.

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

If it makes its way through the legislature, the state won’t automatically switch to year-round daylight saving time. The federal government would have the final say.

Senator Patty Murray also has expressed interest in the bill and about starting a federal conversation around the issue.

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