How do you like them apples? Northwest sees boom in cider industry

Glass of cider at Portland Cider Company.

The Pacific Northwest is seeing a boom in the hard cider market

The Northwest Cider Association just put out a report calling 2015 an "unprecedented" year for cider industry growth in the region.

"In less than two years," the report reads, "more than 33 cider establishmentshave opened throughout the northwest."

Jeff Parrish, the owner and master ciderist for Portland Cider Company, has seen the boom firsthand.

"Our business has more than doubled every year [since 2013]," Parrish said.

He added cider makers are definitely benefiting from the creativity craft beer makers showed in Oregon and Washington 30 years ago.

Parrish said young people looking for new and different drinks are helping fuel the boom.

"What cider gives them is not only something new and interesting, but something with history, something that's genuine. It's not a manufactured product," Parrish said. "We take apples, they get pressed into juice, we ferment it into cider and that's it. We don't add colors, we're not adding flavorings. It's an authentic beverage."

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