How to save battery life on your phone in case power goes out

File photo of an iPhone (MGN)

Ahead of several wind and rain storms heading our way in the coming days, it's important to be prepared in case your power goes out.

Here's a few tips from on getting the most "life" out of your electronic devices during stormy weather:

1. Fully charge your laptop (and phone): A lot of people forget you can still charge your phone using a USB cord through your computer even when the power is out. Make sure your laptop is fully charged.

2. When the power goes out, turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth. Consider putting your phone on airplane mode in case you don't need to send or receive texts or calls.

3. Keep your phone charging no matter what, until the power goes out.

4. Turn off all push notifications

5. Restart your phone to kill all the apps

6. Turn down the brightness of your screen

7. Send texts instead of making calls

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