Hundreds turn out at Tualatin High School for Florida shooting vigil

Attendees at a vigil at Tualatin High School hold up lights and glow sticks and demand change after a deadly school shooting in Florida last week. (Photo: Lincoln Graves/KATU News)

School was out for Presidents Day and the temperature hovered in the low 30s. None of that prevented hundreds from showing up on the Tualatin High School football field for a vigil to demand change.

"It's time to show that we too have reached our limit and are ready for some change," said one speaker at the podium.

The vigil was organized by parents and students to show solidarity with victims of the Florida school shooting, but also to strengthen resolve to prevent another shooting from happening again.

"To let the world and all of Tualatin and all of Oregon know that we don't want any more of this," said junior Miya Bates. "It's done after this and the word needs to get out that this is not OK."

One of the speakers was Sierra Kruse, a senior and student body vice president at Tigard High School.

"I was born in 1999, which is the year of the Columbine shooting," said Kruse. "I don't know a world without school shootings. I have literally grown up with America reckoning with these terrible mass shootings happening my entire life."

The vigil was billed as non-political, but talk of tighter gun control was a common theme.

Many students were also embracing the fact that they will soon lead their generation on this issue.

"What is so incredibly exciting about this is that my generation, we're voters, we're the ones that have grown up not knowing a world without this, and we're finally realizing that we have a stake in this," said Kruse. "We are voters, we have social activism, we have social justice, where we can take to the streets and our voices matter and it's empowering."

Below: KATU's Kellee Azar reported earlier in the day on some of the local students who are demanding change:

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