Husband suspected of killing estranged wife kills himself; couple recently separated

Photo of Tricia Carver from Marion County authorities.

HILLSBORO, Ore. – Authorities say an Albany woman was strangled before her body was left off of a road in Marion County earlier this week.

Tricia Carver’s estranged husband and primary suspect in her death, Lemarr Carver, was found dead Thursday in Hillsboro in an apparent suicide.

When looking through Lemarr Carver’s past, KATU News found no trace of any kind of violence, or court records showing Tricia was worried he might harm her.

Domestic violence experts say while there are often warning signs, sometimes they're well-hidden.

Tricia Carver had moved away from her husband to Albany.

“If there were incidences of domestic violence prior to separation, then the separating is a very dangerous time,” said Lea Sevey, board chair of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Sevey said she isn't surprised Lemarr, an attorney in Beaverton, has no documented history of domestic violence.

“To not have warning signs is fairly typical because they are so subversive. So you really have to be trained in understanding in order to see the warning signs that would be pertinent,” said Sevey.

Sevey tells KATU News that friends and family will notice changes - including odd behavior - that can be signs of trouble.

Neighbor Linda Berge says she saw Lemarr acting strangely near her home on two occasions at the end of last week.

“A couple hours later he comes walking back, walked to the same part of the sidewalk next to my house, turned around and came back. I'd never seen him before, ever. So I don't know, timing, what that means but I saw him twice either Thursday or Friday within two hours of each other,” said Berge.

No one at the Beaverton attorneys’ building where Lemarr had an office wanted to comment on what happened.

Authorities have not said what may have triggered the killing, or what specific evidence connects Lemarr carver in his estranged wife's murder.

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