'I started reading it and I'm like, 'What? There's no way I won $4.5 million''

Cottage Grove woman scammed with $4.5 million lottery ticket

COTTAGE GROVE, OR.- A Cottage Grove woman received a letter saying that she won $4.5 million from the Mega Millions lottery before realizing it was a scam.

“Why? Why would somebody do this to me,” said Kristy Lycett, “I started reading it and I'm like what! There's no way I won $4.5 million.”

Kristy Lycett got a letter Wednesday from the Mega Millions Lottery saying she won big.

Lycett called the number in the letter but says the man on the other end told her to send money, something she says sounded fishy.

“I possibly could have been like, ok here's my last $1,800 and I'm a single mom with a special needs child,” said Lycett.

As a caregiver for more than ten years, Lycett has seen the elderly fall victim to scams . Now she's the one being targeted.

“They're not confirming your identity but they're soliciting your identity, they're not confirming some information but they're soliciting some information that's because they're not supposed to be talking to you,” said Cottage Grove Police Officer, Jason Cross.

Cottage Grove Police say a scam like this isn't rare.

If you find yourself targeted, collect as much information as possible to verify the source.

In this case, red flags included misspellings, suspicious instructions, addresses abroad and Lycett notes she never even bought a lottery ticket.

“I'm pretty sure it will still happen,” said Lycett, “I wish something could be done about this.”

Whether it be a letter, a phone call or spam in your inbox, scams like these happen every day.

Lycett's story serving as a word to the wise, be careful because you might be next.

If you find yourself part of a scam, contact your local police department.

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