Iconic Charles E. Nelson house destroyed by Substation Fire

Charles E. Nelson House - Danielle Jones Weitzel

The iconic Charles E. Nelson house -- often referred to as one of the most photographed homes in Oregon -- was destroyed by the Substation Fire.

The historic farmhouse sat next to two trees and an abandoned windmill on a property in Dufur, Oregon.

A neighbor to the Wasco County farmland said that the building was destroyed by flames from the Substation Fire.

"It's nothing but a little bit of smoldering rubble and a couple of burned out trees," said Dezi Remington.

The flames swept through the area overnight Tuesday burning down the empty house that was an icon in the area.

"People are out there probably four, five days a week taking pictures and video," Remington said.

The Substation Fire was first reported Tuesday afternoon. Fueled by wind and hot, dry conditions, the fire quickly grew to more than 29,000 acres and shifted towards Sherman County.

Below is a video of the farmhouse before the fire (courtesy Clifford Paguio) and a video of the property on Wednesday from KATU’s Genevieve Reaume.

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