'If they stop you from getting here, kill them!': Remaining occupiers ask for backup

Still from a YouTube video

A handful of armed occupiers remained at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Wednesday, trying to convince more people to join them via a YouTube livestream.

Eight people, including militia leader Ammon Bundy, were arrested in three different instances Tuesday night. Each faces a federal felony charge of conspiracy to impede federal officials by force, intimidation or threat.

It's unknown how many people remain at the refuge, but there were at least four seen on a "Watchman News Live Stream" Wednesday. The FBI and Oregon State Police troopers set up containment checkpoints around the refuge on Wednesday, a move they say is for the safety of the community and law enforcement.

While the FBI and Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward asked the remaining militia members to leave peacefully, the group delivered several messages on their live stream, trying to get more people to join them in Harney County.

"All you military that's been fighting for our country overseas, you can fight for your country right here in America," one man says to the camera. "Get here, get some! This is history in the making. There are no laws in this United States now... if [feds] stop you from getting here, KILL THEM!"

FBI agent Greg Bretzing didn't say whether the remaining occupiers would face arrest, but he said negotiators are available if the group has "questions or concerns."

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