Businesses planning to close Thursday in national Day Without Immigrants

Maria Garcia has owned Revolución Coffee Shop in downtown Portland for 3 years. (KATU Photo)

Some businesses in Portland will be closed Thursday in a national day of protest known as Day Without Immigrants.

Maria Garcia, owner of Revolución Coffee Shop in downtown Portland, will close her business to stand in solidarity with her community. Garcia was born in Mexico City, Mexico and has lived in the United States for 20 years.

“I think it is important to make our voice loud, and omit participating in social activities, investing our money and certain things just to create that awareness that, hey, we are a big group of people, we need respect, we want respect, and we deserve it,” Garcia said.

Protest details have spread around online and on social media. Online fliers tell immigrants to stay home from work, close their businesses, keep kids home from school, and do not buy anything.

Garcia says if people are looking for coffee on Thursday, they can surely find another coffee shop in her area. She is not worried about losing any money Thursday, either. One day without customers will not make or break Garcia. She says she feels blessed to be able to participate.

“The name of my place is Revolución. The doors are open for all the people that want to make a statement in a different way,” Garcia said.

“I think a day without immigrants is going to show America how much we really need them,” said Ayisha Greening, a Portland State University student whose grandfather was an immigrant.

Other businesses in Portland may also be closed tomorrow. Du’s Grill, a Northeast Portland restaurant, will be closed on Thursday.

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