Investigators say loose screw caused Portland Streetcar crash

Crews worked late into the night Thursday to clear the tracks of a Portland Streetcar that was involved in a crash. (Photo: Corry Young/KATU News)

PORTLAND, Ore. – According to an investigation, a loose screw caused the May 24 Portland Streetcar crash that injured one person.

Portland Streetcar released the investigation findings Wednesday.

They say the screw assembly of the streetcar’s master controller allows the operator to control the streetcar’s speed. The screw came loose and lodged in the handle mechanism, preventing the operator from stopping the vehicle, investigators said.

The streetcar struck two vehicles at 1:10 p.m. on Southeast Grand Avenue and Southeast Taylor Street. The streetcar derailed and the person who was injured was taken to a hospital.

Portland Streetcar says they developed a preventative maintenance plan to make sure the specific screw involved is regularly inspected.

Portland Streetcar, TriMet and the Oregon Department of Transportation Rail and Public Transit Division are continuing the investigation.

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