DA: Woman 'fell or jumped' from car to death; mom gave 'inconsistent' statements

Photo of Meighan Cordie courtesy Mountain Wave Search and Rescue

The death of a mom who vanished from a wedding in Yamhill County in August was ruled accidental, according to the district attorney.

The DA said no criminal charges are filed in 27-year-old Meighan Cordie's death, but also said Thursday that the testimony of Cordie's mother was inconsistent.

Yamhill County District Attorney Brad Berry said Cordie was sitting in the back seat of an SUV next to her 3-year-old daughter who was in a child safety seat on the night of Aug. 18. He said Cordie's mother, Jennifer Weathers, 50, was driving.

Berry said Cordie either jumped out or fell out of the back seat. He said investigators can't say for sure how she left the vehicle, but that she died instantly because she likely hit support beams or guardrails of the road on her back and head and then fell down an embankment.

Berry said Cordie and Weathers got into a heated argument at a wedding they attended that evening. He said Weathers was upset that they had to leave early.

Weathers didn't call deputies until the next day, Berry said, telling them Cordie left the car not far from the wedding in Grand Island after she slowed down to below 5 mph.

"The injuries to the body, as well as the location of the body, were inconsistent and I’m using the term in air quotes with the 'facts' as having been given by Jennifer and as the investigation continued several things didn’t add up," Berry explained.

He said Cordie's body was discovered by joggers on Aug. 23 near Dayton more than nine miles from the site of the wedding.

And he said the speed necessary to cause Cordie's injuries "would be significantly more than the 'less than 5 mph' reported by Jennifer."

He also said Weathers initially withheld telling deputies that Cordie had ripped out some of Weathers's hair in the car during their fight.

Berry said Weathers took a polygraph that was inconclusive on Aug. 21 and admitted to taking muscle relaxers the night before. He said she then backed out of taking another one the next day and since then has not been cooperative.

The district attorney said Weathers is only charged with DUII and reckless endangerment and that neither of the charges is related to Cordie's death.

He said Weathers is due in court next Wednesday.

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