Is a hometown in the future for West Linn's Lauren B?

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Our last six ladies have returned from the very stormy Bahamas to another tropical location: Warsaw, Indiana: the orthopedic capital (of something) and the hometown of Bachelor Ben.

Ben is thrilled to be back home as someone yells out, "Good to see ya!" from their truck because it's a cute small town. He meets with his parents at a sweet diner and tells them how great and amazing and wonderful the remaining six women are (twin, Jojo, Lauren, Caila, Amanda and Becca).

Ben swings by on a pontoon boat (?) and Caila exclaims, "I'm so surprised it's Ben pulling up on this boat!" ... Caila I know you're smart, but did you forget who the Bachelor was? Who did you think was going to show up? Vanilla Ice?

Ben takes Lauren on a one-on-one date where the two drive around Warsaw in a red pickup truck and Ben talks about his first kiss and how he was the quarterback of his football team (if you're not impressed by now, there's something wrong with you).

They play basketball at an after-school program Ben used to work at, and it's actually a pretty redeeming moment. Ben seems to be really good with kids, and you can see Lauren B. falling for him. She starts doing cartwheels around the gym and says she feels like one of the kids, probably because she weighs as much as them.

Then Paul George and George Hill of the Indiana Pacers drop by, to the excitement of this NBA fan.

"I grew up in Indianapolis, it's a small state, you know, it's almost like everyone knows one another," says George Hill.

(I wonder how well he knows my friends from Indiana...)

Later in the date, Ben takes Lauren to a dive bar, because that's where "she gets to see the real me." I knew they drank a lot on the Bachelor, but wow Ben.

Lauren then admits she's falling in love with Ben. Not Bachelor Ben, but Ben from Warsaw, Indiana. Niiice.

Jojo gets the next one-on-one date to the windy city (yes, it is Chicago) where the two explore Wrigley Field. It's actually mostly uneventful so we'll skip breaking down this part of it.

Next, Amanda, Caila and Becca are given the group date. This is also mostly uneventful save for flying kites and rowing a boat. Caila and Becca are sent back to the group house and mom of two Amanda is given a de facto one-on-one date (plus a guaranteed hometown visit next week).

Caila and Becca are pretty upset by this, but trust us ladies, you're not missing out on much: Amanda and Ben went to McDonald's in the most sponsored segment on television since Peyton Manning said he wanted to drink a lot of Budweiser after winning the Super Bowl.

They also ate a fry a la Lady and the Tramp, and ran the McDonald's drive-thru.

The next day, the twin (Haley? Emily? I think it's Emily) goes on the last one-on-one date with Ben, where she meets his parents. This is where the 23-year-old Las Vegas native really shines.

"Talking to people can kind of be hard thing for me. I'm really like anxious and I just want to make sure that I don't an idiot of myself," she says before the date. We're hopefully this won't be too horrible. Or great. Or both.

Ben's parents talk to her about the experience so far, and what she likes and what she doesn't like. And this is when we get the best quote of the season so far:

"If I could sit around and watch movies all day long, that would be my favorite thing in the world... I don't like vegetables," the twin says. It's all horrible and great and so much more cringe-worthy than we would have hoped.

She walks away from the date thinking she's sealed the deal, but Ben sends her packing moments later.

His mom cries and actually seems pretty disappointed.

In the rose ceremony, Becca is sent home despite asking Ben not to blindside her.

Next week, we've got hometowns with Caila, Lauren (Portland foodcarts, anyone?), Amanda and Jojo.

Watch it on KATU at 8 p.m. next Monday.

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