Is this your ring? Portland woman wants to reunite ring with rightful owner

Photo from Jessica Tate

A Portland woman found a beautiful engagement ring in a parking lot, and now she’s trying to get it back to its rightful owner.

Jessica Tate found the ring in a parking lot on NW 5th Avenue and Glisan Street on Monday.

She describes it as a 14k white gold ring, about a size six, and it is likely an engagement or wedding ring.

“As I was just about to get into my car … I looked down and saw a ring on the ground,” said Tate. “I picked it up and was like ‘I really want to get this back to the right person.’"

Tate says she asked everyone in her building about the ring, and no one had any leads.

She says there are markings that could help authenticate the rightful owner when someone steps forward.

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