'It was something I expected': Suspect in West Linn murder-suicide has history of stalking

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office shooting investigation - KATU image

A woman and man are dead after an apparent murder-suicide situation near West Linn, and a local woman said she had a restraining order against the suspected gunman.

Clackamas County sheriff's deputies were called out just after 1:30 p.m. Wednesday after neighbors in the 400 block of Alderwood Drive reported hearing gunshots and screams.

SWAT teams later found 35-year-old Bethany Noelle Schuch with several gunshot wounds, and 34-year-old David Cote with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

That evening, police went out to check on a woman who lives over a hundred miles away. We are not releasing her identify for her safety.

“I got a call that there was a police officer at my house that needed to verify that I was okay,” the woman said.

She has a stalking order against Cote. What she learned next, she says, didn’t surprise her.

“[The officer] said David Cote had killed someone and himself,” she said. “I couldn't stop shaking because I was not surprised and that's what broke my heart, because it was something I expected."

Five years ago, the woman says Cote stalked her and threatened her along with her family. At times, she says, he even took and posted threatening pictures to social media. Since then, she's never felt safe.

“It's been a nightmare. I really did think there would be a point where he would try and come after me and kill me because he told me he would,” she said.

Until today.

“It feels like freedom, and that's awful,” she said.

Awful, she says, because someone else had to lose their life, something she says and believes could have been prevented.

“You shouldn’t have to live in fear that there is someone out there that doesn’t want you to live. That should not be something anyone lives through,” she said.

Cote had cystic fibrosis and was featured many times in local news raising awareness for the disease.

According to the woman he stalked, he had a dark side that one not everyone saw.

“He did speak of many times wanting to kill himself and wanting me to be dead,” she said.

Neighbors said that before hearing about 5 gunshots they heard a man yell “I told you this would happen if you did it again.”

Deputies say Cote and Schuch did know each other, but are not specifying any details about their connection.

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