Judge finds former Portland civic leaders not guilty of sexual assault

Aubré Dickson (left) and Charles McGee (right) listen as a judge reads their not guilty verdicts Friday, March 22, 2019.

PORTLAND, Ore. – A Multnomah County Circuit Court judge found two former Portland civic leaders not guilty of sexual assault Friday following a seven-day trial.

Aubré Dickson and Charles McGee were both facing charges of sexual abuse and sodomy. Their accuser, Erica Naito-Campbell, is the granddaughter of well-known Portland developer, Bill Naito.

KATU doesn't normally identify victims of alleged sexual assault, but Naito-Campbell came forward to speak to the media about the case.

Prosecutors finished their closing arguments in the trial Wednesday morning. Defense attorneys finished their closing arguments on Thursday morning.

Both Dickson and McGee waived their constitutional right to a jury trial and decided to have the case presented directly to a judge.

In court Friday, the judge said he couldn't conclude with "moral certainty" that the defendants were guilty.

As the judge read his verdict, much of the courtroom cheered, while the defendants sobbed.

Naito-Campbell ran out of the courtroom.

Neither parties wanted to speak to the media.

The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office issued the following statement in response to the verdict:

“We disagree and are very disappointed with today’s verdict, but we respect and trust the criminal justice process afforded to everyone. We continue to believe the victim in this case who courageously came forward to report what happened to her in May 2012. Our unwavering commitment of supporting and advocating for survivors of sexual assault remains rooted in our core values. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all survivors of sexual assault. The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office ensures sexual assault victims are informed and supported at every step in the criminal justice process, even after a verdict. We remain committed to that duty.”

Keri Moran-Khun, the associate director of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, says going through the legal system can, at times, further traumatize survivors, especially when it doesn't end their way.

"This is an example of when a case goes this way of why you don't have control as a survivor about where your story is going to go," said Moran-Khun. "It doesn't mean they cannot heal, it just means there's another trauma that is layered over the initial assault."

Moran-Kuhn says the Me Too movement has empowered survivors overall, but says verdicts like this can put distrust in the criminal justice system.

"I think it will discourage people. I also think that it shows advocates and organizations like ours where we need to do more work," she said.

Below is a list of sexual assault resources:

Confidential Help for Sexual Assault

Call to Safety: 888.235.5333 (24-hour crisis line, support groups, medical advocacy, LGBTQ support)

Linéa UNICA (Español): 888.232.4448 (24-hour help line, support groups, medical advocacy)

YWCA of Greater Portland: 503.988.6400 (support groups, advocacy, 9 am-5 pm Monday-Friday)

Resources for Children and Families

CARES Northwest: 503.331.2400 (Child Abuse Response and Evaluation Services)

Child Abuse Hotline/Child Protective Services: 503.731.3100 (24 hour hotline)

Impact NW, Parent-Child Therapeutic Services: 503.568.1720

Legal Assistance / Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement

SAVE Fund: 503.378.5348 (pays for medical exams, some medications and up to 5 counseling sessions)

Victim Rights Law Center (link is external): 503.274.5477 ext 6 (free legal services for SA survivors)

Oregon Crime Victims Law Center (link is external) 503.208.8160

Multnomah County Victims’ Assistance Program (link is external) : 503.988.3222

OregonLawHelp.org (link is external) (Help getting a Sexual Abuse Protective Order SAPO)

Legal Aid: 503.224.4086

Distinct Attorney’s Victim Assistance Office Multnomah County: 503.988.3222

Campus Resources

PSU Women’s Resource Center: 503.725.5672

Reed College (link is external) 503.517.7966

Lewis and Clark College: 503.768.7112

U of P SAFE Advocates: 503:943:7233

PCC Women’s Resource Centers (link is external)

Statewide and National information

Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (link is external) (OCADSV)

Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force (link is external)

Rape Abuse and Incest National Network RAINN (link is external)

National Sexual Violence Resource Center NSVRC (link is external)

Metro Area Sexual Assault Resources

Sexual Assault Resource Center (link is external) (Washington County, Oregon) 503.640.5311

YWCA Sexual Assault Program (Clark County, Washington): 360.696.0167, 888.695.0167 (24/7)

Clackamas Women’s Services (Clackamas County): 503.654.2288, 1.888.654.2288 (toll-free)

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