Keizer police officer shoots, kills armed robbery suspect

The suspect was driving the red car and witnesses said it crashed into the white one. The suspect got out of his car and fled. Shortly thereafter a Keizer police officer shot and killed him. (Photo: Corry Young/KATU News)

A Keizer police officer shot and killed a suspect in an armed robbery at a pizza restaurant Wednesday night, Oregon State Police said.

Police were called to the Pizza Hut at 4492 River Road N at about 6 p.m.

OSP said the suspect fled in a car. Police officers chased after him. The suspect crashed into another car and then fled on foot down Springtime Court NE. OSP said there was a confrontation and the Keizer police officer opened fire, killing the suspect.

Witnesses told KATU a shot was fired and a man was seen lying on the ground.

UPS driver Chris Stahl was driving down Chemawa Road and noticed something behind him.

"I saw a car in my mirror swerving around cars, and I'd say he was probably going about 65 or so," Stahl said.

The driver was coming up quickly and crashed just in front of Stahl.

"When he passed me, he was swerving. Then he hit this white car right here, pushed her through the intersection.

Police were following and raced after the suspect after he jumped out of his car and ran down Springtime Court. That's where Mirilyn Lasseigne lives.

"We're a cul-de-sac, so there was no end of the street for him to go or keep going," she said.

"I heard the shot, and then I heard the cops say shots were fired," Stahl said.

Stahl didn't see it happen, as he was helping the person in the car the driver had hit.

"I was just worried about the passenger," he said. "I was a firefighter for five years and wanted to make sure she was fine."

Police have closed Chemawa Road NE between Tecumseh Street and Kinglet Way. OSP said it expects the road to be closed for several hours.

The suspect's name has not been released, pending notification of family members.

The name of the officer who shot the suspect has not yet been released.

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