Local AMR crew leaves for California

A local crew from Clackamas County AMR packs up to head to California on Wednesday night. (KATU Photo)

Some of the help that’s heading to California to help those affected by the wildfires there is a local crew from Clackamas County AMR.

They left Wednesday night and headed down to back up responders already spread thin.

"We have AMR operations in those areas, and to know that we can go in and backfill some of the local AMR families, who need to get home and take care of their families, it's very rewarding because we're taking care of our own," said Marc Kilman-Burnham, national director for AMR. "We're also taking care of our country, and we're proud to do that."

Thirty-five people are driving down 20 ambulances, which are set aside for disaster.

They’re due to arrive Thursday afternoon.

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