Local author's novels star teen with Asperger's syndrome

PORTLAND, Ore. - With the surge of superhero stories hitting the shelves these days, how many have leading roles on the autism spectrum?

Brian Tashima has written two novels about a teenage boy whose Asperger's syndrome is actually the source of his superpowers.

He says he started writing the novels when his son, who has Asperger's, asked him to write a book for him.

Tashima added that you don't need to know someone with Asperger's to enjoy and appreciate the books.

"Along the way, as you're reading it, maybe you begin to pick up some of these insights that's like 'oh, maybe people on the spectrum, this may be how they're feeling, how they're thinking. This is why they act the way they do,'" said Tashima.

The books are part of the "Spectra-Land Saga," and Tashima says he plans on writing at least five more.

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