Local political science professor awaits news from Trump/Kim summit

Pacific University professor Jim Moore is keeping a close eye on the historic meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. (KATU Photo)

As the world watches the historic meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, a local political science professor is also keeping a close eye on things.

"It's confusing," said Pacific University professor Jim Moore. "But it was confusing when Nixon went to China."

Moore has taught many classes focused on international relations and diplomacy. He believes that while the Trump/Kim summit is very important, past controversial summits were more consequential.

"This is not the Soviet Union and the United States, it's not Nixon going to China," said Moore. "But it's big for right now, mainly because for the past 30 years people have been really worried about North Korea and nuclear weapons."

The United States is seeking nuclear disarmament from North Korea. It's unclear what Kim Jong Un is willing to trade, if anything, to accept that. On the flip side, Moore knows the United States won't be able to achieve its ultimate objective, which is democracy in North Korea.

"The best-case scenario from our point of view is that it turns into something like China," said Moore. "So it keeps the authoritarian rule, but the economy opens up."

Before the summit, President Trump had plenty of praise and criticism for even considering a meeting like this. Now that it's happening, Moore says all of those people simply need to wait and see.

"To the Trump supporters, it's the beginning of a process," said Moore. "See if it works. Don't start cheering too quickly. To the Trump opponents, this is a breakthrough that we've been waiting for for 70 years. Once again, wait and see how it turns out. Don't start booing before the thing is over."

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