Lot owner puts up sign: 'That Kenyan is not my president'

VANCOUVER, Wash. - The sign along Highway 99 in Vancouver certainly stood out.

"That Kenyan is not my president," it said.

Matt Austin put up the sign because he believes President Barack Obama was born abroad and is not legally allowed to be president.

Despite his strong beliefs, Austin took the sign down after about four days. He said he removed it because people thought the sign was racist.

"It's not racism, it's patriotism," Austin said. "I wasn't saying that man's not my president. People think because it's Kenya or a black man it's racism. It's not."

The sign was posted at Austin's Affordable Auto in Vancouver. He said he has put up similar signs in the past and may do so again.

"I wouldn't support him if he was green, yellow or blue," Austin said. "It has nothing to do with race. It has something to do with his politics."

Obama debunked any claims that he is not a natural-born citizen when he released his long-form birth certificate in 2011.

Neighbor Cliff McCray found the sign offensive and called KATU to alert us.

McCray said he respects freedom of speech, but believes the sign crosses the line and disrespects the office of the president.

"If we are going to be Christians and try to walk together then we need to at least draw the line somewhere," McCray said. "That is stepping over the line."

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