'MAGA' sign found in cab of MAX train in Portland, TriMet responds

Photo courtesy JC James

PORTLAND, Ore. – TriMet is looking into some photos of a handwritten MAGA (or "Make America Great Again") sign being displayed in the cab of a MAX train in Portland.

TriMet has said the sign has been removed and they are conducting an internal investigation to find out who put it there.

Some people are critical of the sign, which references President Trump’s campaign slogan, saying that the political statement has no place on public transportation. Others say it is not inclusive to all riders.

"It’s a government train, so that makes it seem like the government is actually endorsing a political campaign or person, which is not right," TriMet rider Forrest Cooper said.

Rider Darla Pierce says the sign is no different from a cab driver or Uber Driver putting a bumper sticker on their car. She says it doesn't concern her.

"Everyone has that right to put it out there what their beleifs are. I don’t necessarily agree, but I wouldn’t be offended and it wouldn’t stop me from using the public transportation," Darla Pierce said.

Full statement from TriMet:

"The sign has been removed and TriMet is conducting an internal investigation to determine who put it in the cab of the train.

While TriMet values freedom of speech, we do have a policy that employees cannot be involved in political activity while on the job."

TriMet did not say whether or not the driver, or whoever put the sign in the window, would face disciplinary action. Riders say there should just be a policy reminder for their employees.

"It was one time, so he or she should get minor reprimand, and making it clear if he does it again or anyone does it, then more steps will be taken," Cooper said.

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