Make your last-minute Valentine's Day gift special with this florist's advice

Last-minute Valentine's Day gift - KATU photo.jpg

PORTLAND, Ore. – Still looking for a last-minute gift for your Valentine?

It may be too late to order anything online, however, it's not too late to make today special.

Richard Bloom of R. Bloom’s in Lake Oswego has some tips for last-minute shopping.

Call your local neighborhood flower shop, give them your budget, and ask for something that's already prepared.

It might be too late to request certain types of flowers, so give them a color scheme to work with.

“You can go with color, like pink and purples, whites or whatever, and then they can tell you what they have,” said Bloom. “They can put something together beautiful and you can say, 'I'm gonna be there in a half hour, I'm driving, I'm just leaving work,’ and it'll be ready, you pick it up, and go."

Richard warns that you must make sure you're calling a local brick-and-mortar shop. Some phone numbers may look local, but they're actually across the country.

Another last-minute tip? Grab a box of chocolates and a single flower that you can pin or tape on the box to give it that extra special touch.

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