Man describes deadly police shooting in SE Portland: 'Stand down or I'm going to shoot'

'Officer-involved shooting in SE Portland - Photo from KATU reporter Catherine Van.

A man died in the hospital Sunday after police say an officer shot him at a Southeast Portland home.

It happened on the 9600 block of SE Market Street at Desmond Pescaia's home.

Pescaia said that about 2 p.m. a man, who he has never seen before, started pounding on his door and tried to get inside. He said he went to his landlady's home to call the police after the man refused to leave. Pescaia said the man got into his house as an officer arrived on-scene.

"Somehow he slipped right by me, got in the house, fell on his knees, cop tried to arrest him," said Pescaia.

According to Pescaia, the man ran into a bedroom and pulled a knife, and the officer used a stun gun on the stranger. Even then, Pescaia said, the man wouldn't stand down.

"Cop had no choice but to shoot him. The cop warned him several times, 'stand down or I'm going to shoot you, stand down or I'm going to shoot you, stand down or I'm going to shoot you.' And three shots were fired," he said. "To see someone murdered like that, with a 9 mm going off right in your ear, and to have it happen in your own house."

Pescaia showed a KATU News crew the bullet hole in his living room from the shooting.

The officer involved was not hurt. He was put on administrative leave, as is standard protocol in shooting investigations. The officer will be interviewed within two days of the shooting. Officials will release the officer's name at a later date.

Police expect to release the man's name once family members have been notified of his death, and after the state medical examiner has completed an autopsy.

"As with all officer-involved shootings, we are committed to a full investigation," said Chief Danielle Outlaw. "A loss of life impacts us all and I know we all immediately search for answers. I ask for patience as we continue our investigative process and then release information as soon as it is appropriate."

Police expect to release further updates on Monday morning.

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