Man gets 46 years in prison for 1994 murder of 7-year-old neighbor

Convicted killer Timothy Hagg speaks in court Friday during his re-sentencing hearing. Hagg killed 7-year-old Rachel Dillard in 1994. (KATU Photo)

Following a re-sentencing hearing, a Washington man has been sentenced to 46 years in prison for brutally killing his 7-year-old neighbor in 1994.

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Rachel Dillard was found dead underneath her neighbor Timothy Haag's bed, after being hog-tied, strangled and having her head wrapped in plastic.

Haag, at the time 17 years old, was sentenced to life in prison without parole under a then-new Washington law that sent juveniles to adult court for certain crimes and required mandatory sentencing.

Her brother attended Haag's re-sentencing hearing last week.

“The pain will never go away,” said Anderson. “The hurt, you know. And we're sentenced to a life sentence of this.”

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