Man in clown mask near school worries parents

A parent posted this image on the social media site Nextdoor. (Screen capture of the Nextdoor site)

A man in a homeless RV camp was spotted wearing a clown mask and waving at kids as they entered a North Portland school.

"I wouldn't want him walking past my kid's school, waving like that," Jaquin Jones said. "That looks crazy to me. And if I was a kid I'd be terrified of him."

Jones is a parent at Boise-Eliot Elementary.

Because of the masked man, teachers there are to be extra cautious as kids are coming and going from the school.

Kids say they've spotted the man pacing back and forth during recess. So far there are no reports of the man talking to or approaching students.

"I don't even think they should be parked close by the school in the first place," said Jones.

"Creepy, I mean there's a guy hanging outside the kid's school where they play and get out of school and walk home," said Larissa Daniel, a parent at Boise-Eliot.

The school reported the man to Portland Police. Police say because the man has not broken any laws there is nothing they can arrest the man for.

KATU went by the RV in question. The man inside didn't want to talk on camera. He said he's never seen a man in a clown mask and didn't know what KATU was talking about.

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