Man pulls stuck cars up slick hill in Northeast Portland

Edgar Mendez prepares a cable to attach to a vehicle in need of help up a slipper hill during Saturday's snow storm. (KATU Photo)

Slick roads proved tough on drivers Saturday morning in Northeast Portland, but at least one man lent a helping hand to several people before tow trucks and work crews could arrive.

About 10 drivers got stuck on the Northeast Halsey off-ramp from Interstate 84. The uphill off-ramp was packed with snow and very slick. Edgar Mendez came to the rescue.

"I just drove my girlfriend to work -- she works in inner northeast -- and I noticed all these cars piled up here and I decided to help out," he said.

KATU News crews watched him strap his truck to another SUV and pull that person up the hill. Mendez then drove back around to help push another woman's car up the hill.

"He's kind of the hero today. He saved two other cars," said the woman.

Mendez said he is from Central Oregon and has experience driving in the snow.

"This little hill is deceiving," he said.

Mendez came around a third time to pull one more stuck SUV up the hill. He helped at least three people Saturday morning.

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