Man who stabbed three people won't face any charges

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The assault case involving a man who admitted to stabbing three people several times at a Fourth of July party on Government Island has been dropped. Brandon Cullen walked out of jail Monday and won't face any legal ramifications for the stabbings.

Cullen said he stabbed the men in self-defense and the grand jury issued a "no-true bill." That means the group of seven people decided the indictment is not justified by the evidence.

"I was completely shocked, and I honestly thought somebody was pulling my leg," Alan Marlin said.

Marlin was stabbed all over his body, including in the abdomen. He had to have surgery on his colon.

"I'm incredibly failing to see how stabbing someone 11 times can in any way be construed as self-defense. I never raised a hand to him," he said.

Cullen's attorney said it was Marlin and the two other men, Jordan Escudero and Tyler Thompson, who started the fight.

"Based on the investigation, detectives were able to determine (Cullen) was the not initial aggressor," said public defender Stephanie Pollan. "He was outnumbered by a group of individuals that broke his nose and busted his eye so he couldn't see. He tried to run away, and he was attacked repeatedly."

She said Cullen only stabbed the others several times because of the struggle.

"I know for a fact I didn't assault him. I know for a fact I wasn't chasing him like a mob or anything," said Marlin. "I wanted him away from the girl he had already previously assaulted."

Marlin was referring to the girl he was dating and who was also Cullen's ex-girlfriend. She told KATU in an email that Cullen wouldn't leave her alone that night and had assaulted her in November.

"I thought he was going to kill me," she wrote about the previous incident. She said she was horrified the stabbing happened. "(Cullen) needs to be put back in jail! These three victims need justice."

Cullen's attorney said her client never beat his ex-girlfriend and that her story may have been the reason the men went looking for him.

The men who were stabbed are getting support on Family members spelled out their side of the story and started a petition. At last check Tuesday, the petition had 2,500 signatures. It asks for Cullen to be charged with attempted murder or "anything."

"What would you do?" said Pollan. "He asked them to stop attacking them and told them he had a knife, and even tried to run and was pursued by this group of individuals. He did the only thing he could do, which was to protect himself."

"I have absolutely no faith left in our legal system at this point. It's supposed to be here to protect us," Marlin said. "What's to stop him from doing this to whoever he wants again?"

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