'March 4 Trump' planned in Lake Oswego: 'We won, get over it'

A store front in Lake Oswego now holds a sign reading “March 4 Trump on March 4th. Liberal Anarchists need not apply.”

“They always call me up and tell me to leave, they want me to get out of the state,” store owner Kevin Kerwin said.

Since announcing the "March 4 Trump," Kevin said he's hearing his share of opposition.

“Hey jerk face. I’m glad I read about you today, it’s clear you are a clueless dope and a loser,” Kevin read from his email. “They can cry all they want, smash all the things they want, and throw a temper tantrum like crybabies. But when we lost eight years ago, we regrouped."

Kevin and his friend Carol Leek said they're not going to let the criticism stop their peaceful march next Saturday.

“He is our president, and he’s not perfect. I don't know one Trump supporter who thinks he is, but he is our president,” said Kevin's friend, .

KATU News talked with some Lake Oswego residents who aren’t thrilled about the march.

“I think everyone has a right to express their point of view. The thing that bothers me the most is that people are saying that, 'of course it’s in Lake Oswego,'” Tracy Salinger said.

Direct Action Alliance announced a counter protest on March 4th also in Lake Oswego. Kevin and Carol say they are ready for the response.

“They will be there and it's okay, all we can do is be prepared. We are a happy, peaceful march and we are doing it for one reason - that's to honor our president,” Carol said.

“We beat you all in the election, live with it. We won, get over it,” Kevin said.

The "March 4 Trump" is planned for March 4th starting at George Rodger Park in Lake Oswego, the march will continue down state street till they reach Kevin’s computer repair shop.

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